Weddings and Commitments

A Broken Engagement


While dating can be difficult, planning a wedding can become a pressure cooker for some couples. Most of them will work together to get through it, but others will end up with a broken engagement. They may feel that if they are unable to get through this part of their relationship, then they might as well call it quits. It can be a time of great pain and sorrow for each of them, but it could also be the beginning of a better future for both of them.

Marriage can be a simple affair when two people exclude family and friends, but many are eager to have a dream wedding. They could find their choices sound great, yet they can lead to arguments between the two. He wants his entire family to spend the weekend at the resort where they will be married, but she only wants them around for the wedding day. Her family insists they sit at the head table, but they want his family to have a table at the other end of the reception hall. These are not the items people plan into their wedding dreams.

Divorce has become much more common, and it can be difficult to satisfy family members when it comes to the invitation list. Members of a blended family may not be welcome, or they could cause issues on the wedding day as buried emotions arise. A couple planning a wedding with these circumstances could decide it is not a worthwhile endeavour for them.

The complications of putting together a modern wedding can be almost endless. Couples able to successfully navigate it have a good chance of remaining together for a lifetime, but there will be some unable to see the light of their wedding day approaching. Dealing with just the social issues involved in getting two families together can break their relationship, and even those in the same family can cause more turmoil than they are willing to deal with on their special day.