Weddings and Commitments

Easing the Pressure to Commit


For those who are single in a group of family or friends that are all with someone, life can become difficult. They might feel lonely within the crowd as they watching everyone else happily spending time with their partners, or they might feel pressured to make their own connection. Friends and loved ones will go to great lengths to find someone for them, but it can become a comedy of errors as they go on unwanted dates. Easing the pressure to commit can be done in several different ways.

Letting loved ones know their efforts are too much is often a stumbling block for singles, and they can be afraid they will hurt the feelings of their loved ones. Many times they are matched with unsuitable dates, and it can become frustrating. They could consider their options and find that telling loved ones they are taking a dating break is a good way to get out of blind dates without hurt feelings. It might not be true, but it is better than being stuck with yet another bad date.

Finding the right person is not always possible on demand, but going out on dates is a good way to head off those who think they are good matchmakers. If a single person seems to always have a date, they are less likely to be prey for their relatives or friends who mean well. It could be a challenge to keep finding new dates, but asking a single friend or two to step in and help with their plans could be an option.

Avoiding blind dates is generally seen as a good way to live a better life, but going on one could also lead to a long term relationship. Singles generally have experience with both sides of this equation, and they often know what suits them best.