Weddings and Commitments

Making a Hasty Commitment


Singles, from the view of those in committed relationships, have all the fun. They have the ability to take off at a moment’s notice for a fun weekend, enjoy going out without finding a sitter, and they are always up for a fun time. What those who are in a committed relationship have forgotten is the fact that being single can be lonely, there is no support from a partner during difficulties, and even going out on a date is not always the carefree time they imagine. For some singles, the life of their married friends is much more satisfying. It can lead them to make a hasty commitment.

Getting into a long term relationship should be a thoughtful decision, and it should be based on building a mutual life that benefits both partners. When a person makes a hasty commitment, they could be giving up some of the values they cherish in life. The person they are with might not be the right one for them, but they have not taken the time to find that out. Instead, they have jumped into the frying pan without seeing if the fire beneath it is lit.

There are times when making a fast commitment to spend a lifetime with another person works out, but they are few and far between. Modern life is full of stress, and two people need a firm foundation to get through it. That person who was perfect for a few months of dating might not be quite so good when the plumbing needs work or the bills pile up.

It is often difficult to be a single person surrounded by friends and family in happy relationships, but it is best to wait for the right person to come along. When it is time to make a commitment, it is best to ensure it is a decision that will be good for a lifetime.