Weddings and Commitments

Dating All the Wrong People


When all the people in their age group have settled down, the last single person often takes a hard look at their life. They are suddenly desperate to be part of a couple, and this may make them date people who are unsuitable. These are not necessarily bad people, but they are not a good match. It takes away from the possibility of a good relationship when a person engages in this type of dating. They begin dating all the wrong people, but they believe they will find the right person if they just date enough.

Dating is not really a numbers game, but few desperately single people realize this. Dating a hundred or a thousand people will not necessarily find the one person they want. They will simply get frustrated as each person turns out to have flaws, and they will be unable to form a relationship until they get past this idea. Each person is different, and finding the right person takes a willingness to explore good possibilities instead of all possibilities.

Going out almost every night can be tiring, and this will also stop the desperate singleton from forming a good relationship. They might possibly find the right person, but they are too tired to listen and contribute to a conversation. That perfect person might just seek out someone else because they feel slighted, and this does not work in their favor either. Both are missing out on the perfect life they could build together.

The desperate single person needs to truly examine their goals, and only then will they find a suitable match for the rest of their life. They must be willing to let friends and family know what types of people are acceptable in their hunt for the perfect partner.