Suddenly Single Again

Families like to see their members settled, so they worry when one of them becomes single again. Those who lose a partner through death will find a large support group, and they will have at least a year before the family pushes them to date again. If their loss is due to a divorce, the family will often try to push them into dating immediately. Family gatherings will take on a whole new meaning once a member is again single.

Most people who are suddenly single again are more mature, and it can be difficult for them to find a partner who is a good match. Families will get to work right away to make suggestions, and they are not above occasional introductions. They are more cautious than when a person has always been single, and they understand their loved one might prefer to be on their own for a time before becoming embroiled in a new relationship.

If the single person mentions they are interested in a career rather than a relationship, families can react in several ways. The best way is to accept the decision of their loved one, but there are generally objections. Many families take a wait and see attitude, but it does not last long before they are searching for someone suitable. Those who believe they know what is best for the family will take matters into their own hands, and the hunt will begin in earnest.

There are some newly single people who do not want to replace a partner, and their family refuses to understand. Avoiding family dinners, holidays and events works only if they are willing to completely be cut off from those they love. One of the better solutions is to find a single friend who is willing to attend these events as a date. There does not have to be an intimate or future relationship involved, and everybody will be happy for a while.